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Lunch & Dinner




Kelly’s Burger and Fries                      $15.60

beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion,

and special sauce on a house made bun

(add white cheddar cheese $1.20)


Garden Burger and Fries                     $15.60

vegetarian burger patty, avocado, lettuce,

tomato, and mayo on a house made bun

(add white cheddar cheese $1.20)


Fish and Chips                                $16.50

battered and crispy fried white fish and

fries served with aioli sauce, malt vinegar

and ketchup on the side


Battered Fish Tacos                   $12

two battered and crispy fried white fish tacos

topped with salsa fresca, cabbage

and aioli sauce on corn tortillas


Chicken Durango Sandwich         $11.70

marinated chicken breast, avocado, jalapeno

mayo, white cheddar cheese, and lettuce

on francese


Polish Sausage Sandwich                     $12.60

pepperoncini, dill pickles, mayo, mustard

on a hot Cuban roll



BLA Sandwich                                 $10.80

bacon, lettuce, avocado, and mayo

on toasted wheat


Grilled Cheese Sandwich                     $6.90

white cheddar cheese on pressed sourdough


Side of Fries                          $5.40

served with Kelly’s special aioli

and ketchup


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Kelly’s French Bakery Food




Sunflower Bakery Pretzel                             $6.50

served with house amber mustard

and porter cheese


Amy’s Organic Pizza                     $10

(late night only)

spinach and feta


El Salchichero Corn Dog                        $6

served with ketchup and house mustard


Assorted Jerky                       $8


Dirty Chips                                  $2

assorted flavored potato chips


Organic Peanuts                                    $2.75


Weekend Brunch (Saturday & Sunday: 11 - Noon)
from Kelly's French Bakery




Chavela                                       $8-$10

Mexican style beer bloody mary with

shrimp and assorted garnishes

Beermosa                                               $5

Wilder Wheat paired with organic

orange juice

Mimosa                                       $8

Sparkling white wine paired with

organic orange juice

Stumptown Coffee                                    $3

Regular or Decaf

Mighty Rooster Cold Brew                           $4

Organic OJ                                   $5






Side of Two Poached Eggs                            $4.14

Side of Roasted Potatoes                              $5.22

Side of Pork Sausage                        $3.60

Side of Bacon                                $3.60

Toast with Jam                              $4.20

choice of raspberry or apricot

Toast with Ham and Gruyere              $7.44

Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese                  $2.52

Choice of plain, onion, sourdough three

seed, or whole wheat four seed


Poached Eggs on Toast                     $8.34

Poached Eggs with Creamy Polenta                $9.72

(add Pesto for $2.40)


Scrambled Egg Sandwich                             $9

with bacon and white cheddar on toast

Van Joe Sandwich                                     $9

scrambled eggs, ham, and gruyere

on a croissant

A.J. Heart Sandwich                         $10.20

scrambled eggs, bacon, and gruyere

on a croissant

Breakfast Sliders                                      $8.40

mini brioche rolls with scrambled eggs

and bacon


Aurea Blue Plate                                      $10.20

cinnamon french toast, pork sausage, and

roasted potatoes

Imperial March Plate                       $10.20

two poached eggs, pork sausage, roasted

potatoes, and toast

Pancakes                                               $8.70

butter and maple syrup

Pancakes with Pork Sausage                         $12.30

Butter and maple syrup

Cinnamon French Toast                     $10.20


Credit Cards Only Accepted For

Kelly’s French Bakery Food