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Seaquoia IPA

ABV 6.2

Did you know that Palm Kelp and Nori are superfoods? We thought organic beer was sort of a superfood too. Last month, we had the honor of brewing a batch of Red IPA with Ian, of Seaquoia Seaweeds. This is a man who is passionate about our ocean and conscientiously harvests the wild superfoods that it provides. He came up with the idea to brew a beer with seaweed and kelp and we were lucky to work with him. Every time we are with Ian, we learn so much about the ocean and the superfoods in it. We tapped the ‘Seaquoia Red IPA’ and you have to try it. Brewed with Nori and Palm Kelp along with organic grains and hops, this Red IPA has the hop profiles you want. The aroma will leave you wishing you were sitting on the beach.

6.2% ABV, 40 IBU