Flagship Ales.

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Here, at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, all of our organic ales are hand crafted and hand bottled.  We’re not just saying that.  Nothing is automated.  We are committed to organic, locally sourced ingredients and sustainable brewing processes.  We don’t strive to make consistent beer.  We strive for consistently great beer.  We believe in beer that is better for you, for the neighborhood, for our employees, for the local economy, for the planet.  So, take the plunge.  Feel good about how you spend your money.  Cheers! 

All of our flagship ales are brewed with organic hops and organic grains.  We use California grown organic products whenever they are available.  Our handcrafted ales are unfiltered, lightly carbonated and brewed exclusively at our brewery.  All of our ales are available in growlers and by the pint at our brewery and available in 5 and 15 gallon kegs as supply allows.