About Us.

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Think Organic. Drink Organic.


Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing.  An award winning, local, certified organic brewery.  Yes, we're proud.  


Yes, our beer is organic, but don't be afraid.  Just because we brew with organic grains and organic hops doesn't mean that you aren't going to love it! 



Yes, it is still beer.  Brewed in the traditional fashion by our family owned and operated brewery, these ales are not filtered, not pasteurized, not radiated, and not brewed with any genetically modified ingredients.  I know, where is the fun in that?  Beer doesn't have to be all bad.  



Yes, we have women brewers and owners. Well, what can we say?  Strong women brew strong beer.  We have great male brewers, as well.  



Yes, we love beer!  We travel the world studying beer, breweries, brewing, and bars. Because we brew on a 7bbl system, we can take risks and brew whatever our hearts desire.  That kind of makes us unique.  It definitely makes our seasonal beers interesting.  It also makes us true beer lovers.  



Oh, our history?  While attending college in Portland, Emily spent many weekends learning the art of brewing and ‘beer appreciation,’ from her uncles. She, in turn, passed this hobby onto Chad and with the support of family and friends, has created a pretty fine establishment. 



Founded in 2005, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing is proud to produce an American made product that is putting people to work locally. With twelve employees, we are a small but efficient operation.  



Yes, beer helps the economy.  Buy local.  Drink up.  Feel good about organic beer. And thanks for supporting your local, neighborhood brewery. 





Who We Are: 


Emily Thomas - Owner/Brewer : emily@scmbrew.com

Chad Brill - Owner/Brewer : chad@scmbrew.com

Tamara Kleinman - Taproom Operations : tamara@scmbrew.com

Tommy Mills - Brewhouse Operations : tommy@scmbrew.com

John Reyes - Sales and Distribution Manager : john@scmbrew.com

Katie Johnson- Events Manager : events@scmbrew.com

Pepe Palacios - Brewer : pepe@scmbrew.com

Jacob Wilcox - Brewhouse/Taproom Engineer & Maintenance: jacob@scmbrew.com